By Industry

Meeting the Demands of Industry

We provide products and services for general merchandise and food distribution, automotive and manufacturing as well as specialty custom retail industries. From bulk, foldable and food containers to pallets, bakery trays and dollies, and dairy crates, we offer a wide range of products to meet industry demands.


Monoflo has more than 30 years of experience in the materials handling industry. From reusable distribution totes to the foldable products we pioneered, Monoflo is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, injection-molded plastic containers. Our wide array of clients relies on us to keep business moving. As part of our pledge to continuously provide what our clients need, we offer an extensive line of distribution containers, pallets and system integration solutions designed to improve your operational efficiency.


No industry segment tests performance like durable goods manufacturing. Our superior product engineering and proven processes yield containers that are durable and strong. Our manufacturing clients look to Monoflo for repeatable, precise containers to meet their ever-changing demands. As part of our commitment to continuously provide what our clients need, we are pleased to introduce our growing line of bulk boxes, pallets and container systems for automotive and manufacturing operations.

Bakery & Food

Our commitment to developing new baking industry products and technologies defines Monoflo as an industry leader. In the bakery business, efficiency, accuracy and timeliness are essential for success. Automation requirements demand exact specifications and repeatability, two things Monoflo mastered long ago. Through continuous investment in research and design innovation, our baking products maximize throughput, endure the rigors of everyday use and reduce costs to enable your food operation to flourish.

Custom Solutions

Culturally, engineering new products is a critical component to everyday business at Monoflo. Our design team continuously works with the sales group to create the next great products for our wide range of customers. Whether it’s totes to accommodate certain types of packaged goods, lighter weight containers to decrease shipping costs, or protyping and product testing, we’ll gladly customize the best products for our customers.