A culture of quality

Our commitment to developing new products and technologies defines Monoflo as an industry leader. When our long-time customers think of Monoflo, they think of superior products at the lowest prices. They also think about our dedication to reliable and responsive customer service—many times we respond to requests in hours where competitors can take weeks. At Monoflo, every aspect of our business brings value and savings directly to our customers.

Manufactured in America

Through Monoflo's manufacturing facilities in Virginia and Kansas, we're creating manufacturing jobs in America and fostering domestic economic growth.

Manufacturing in America makes a statement that runs deeps through our communities. For three decades and counting, our employees continue to exemplify the values associated with hard work, ingenuity and tradition.

We drive change

At Monoflo, when we see an opportunity to improve an existing product or process, we do it.

  • Pioneered injection-molded, collapsible bulk containers with innovative welding for best strength to weight ratios
  • Market leader in development of system integration trays and foldable containers for high speed automation
  • Broad line of distribution containers with both plastic and metal hinges to meet the demands of a variety of applications
  • Redesigned bakery products for better cube utilization and handling, including insertion of RFID technologies

Whatever it takes, we'll deliver progressive, high-quality products that save our customers time and money.