Food & Dairy Containers

Best performance. Best price.

Monoflo’s growing line of food containers serve the needs of customers. From the new Poultry Container to the 16-quart Dairy Crate, our food related products are compatible with existing containers as well as industry standard automation, providing seamless system integration at the best prices in the industry. Monoflo is the leader in engineering and innovative manufacturing processes resulting in the best possible performance. Monoflo’s constant design enhancements contribute to long-term use and superior column stacking.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, returnable, reusable long-life containers
  • Economic, environmental and efficient alternative to alternative products
  • Available in FDA approved colors and materials
  • Easy-clean washable, sanitary designs
  • Designed for fast-drying & elimination of water trapping
  • Available with optional labelling and bar coding
  • 100% recyclable
All Monoflo products are proudly Manufactured in America