Bulk Containers

Bigger and better.

Monoflo’s ever-growing family of bulk containers set the industry standard. Newly re-engineered to be even more durable, they out-perform and are less expensive than competitive containers. All Monoflo bulk containers fold for highly efficient stacking when not in use and can be customized to feature access doors and RFID tagging options.

Our growing bulk container product line now includes two footprints—48" x 45" and 30" x 32"—available in various heights. This means we have the container to fit your specialized applications.

Features & Benefits

  • I-Beam welded technology increases base strength by up to 40%
  • Monoflo’s unique, welded base provides structural integrity that outperforms the competition... test after test
  • All plastic, ergonomic latches
  • Strong, durable plastic hinges allow the access door to drop flush against the container
  • Smooth, reinforced fork openings for easy access
  • Highly visible, flat labeling area on all four sides
  • Fully repairable
  • RFID tagging
All Monoflo products are proudly Manufactured in America